Our FAQs

What are the current options will T.H.E. be offering for Fall 2020?

We plan to have students safely on campus every day in compliance with any issued state restrictions. T.H.E. has implemented comprehensive safety measures to execute this option. 

  • Safety Plan Checklist to open with all students  

  • Adjusted schedule due to possible state-mandated changes.  

With the additional interest in enrollment at T.H.E Academy, some of you might be wondering if we will exceed our class sizes. Will you be exceeding these class size limits? 

No. Smaller class sizes are important to T.H.E. As we enroll new students for the upcoming school year, we will be maintaining smaller class sizes.

What might cause T.H.E to go to a contingency plan?

  • Student/Staff illness may close the building for a period of time for deep cleaning. 

  • The following plans are using the information we have now, which are subject to change based on the health department and governmental mandates. 

What is T.H.E. doing to allow for smaller group sizes and less exposure? 

Students will be spending time both inside and outside of the building for fresh air. With class being only 3 students, this easily allows for social distancing. This includes instruction time, Specials and lunch. We are going to sometimes travel to our Specials (art, music, home-EC and STEM) but they’ll be doing this safely with masks and hand cleaning.   
While in the classroom, students will be moving around so that they are not sitting at their desks all day.  When at their physically-distanced desks, they don’t have to wear face coverings.  When not physically distanced they’ll pull up their face coverings.

How are we making our decisions? 

T.H.E.’s leadership team continually monitors information from the Ohio Department of  
Education (ODE), Ohio Department of Health, Cuyahoga County Public Health, and  
Governor DeWine.

What is the plan to allow students to attend school on campus safely? 

Partnership with families – We will be requiring all staff and students to complete and turn-in a wellness- card (including a temperature check) each morning before entering.  The student’s temperature should be 100.4 or lower. 
Face coverings will be required when in specials and during group activities. 
Face coverings will be provided to all students and staff if needed.

Will visitors and volunteers still be able to come in the building? 

Yes. In addition to all staff and students being required to record their Wellness Card;  
we will also ask all visitors and volunteers to do a health screening before entering the  

Will teachers, students and/or volunteers with symptoms be required to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to school? 

Yes, individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will need a doctor’s note or  
negative COVID test result prior to returning to T.H.E. (in compliance with HIPAA).

Will we need to contact the school if our child or member of household tests positive for COVID-19? 

The healthcare provider is required to notify the child’s school in the case of a positive  
COVID-19 test result. We also ask that you notify T.H.E. when either the student and/or  
household member tests positive. We will work with those families if transition to our e- 
learning platform is needed.

What should I do if my child has been exposed to someone with COVID-19? 

Notify the school.  T.H.E. will consult with our school nurse consultant to further advise  
you on what will be required.

What will tuition be in the upcoming year?

The tuition amounts are as published in your enrollment agreement. The 2020-2021  
tuition will not be adjusted for possible changes in educational programming options as  
we will continue to provide high-quality education regardless of the programming  

Will tuition be adjusted if we experience sporadic closures? 

No, as all options listed above, our students will receive their full T.H.E. education and  
support even if a return to e-learning is mandated by the state.