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Stacie L. Taylor

I left a successful career at NPR Radio after spending 25 years in radio and television Production and Programming Traffic because I felt like the school system was failing to educate “our” children.

I served 20 years in Children’s Ministry working as Children’s and Youth Pastor. Certified as a CM Instructor, author of Vacation Bible School and Sunday School Curriculum.

Amber Robinson

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cleveland State University in 2011, I began working for Sherwin Williams in Cleveland, Ohio.  I've had the pleasure to work with Sherwin Williams for 8 years at a few operations facilities including Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.  Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, I hold the position of Quality Operations Manager.  My experience as a manager bringing people together to achieve common goals makes me excited to use what I have learned in my personal career to see to the advancement of T. H. E Academy.

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Greg Scruggs

Coming soon.

Doug Taylor

Coming soon.

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DeLiska  McGhee

Hi! My name is DeLiska "Dee" McGhee. Professionally, I have had a long background in Bank management, marketing, and insurance.  For the last 5 years, I've held the positions of Market Manager for the MetroPCS brand ambassador team, and Community Engagement Specialist for T-Mobile. I love working in the field with community leaders and business partners. 
The mother of 2 newly grown sons, one of my favorite past times is being their mom. I enjoy volunteering, dancing, reading, and bowling.  I also am a movie producer and casting director for a few local and national projects.
In addition to being a member of this esteemed Board of Directors, I currently hold a position on the Board of Directors for the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation.